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Home Purchase Loans

If you plan to buy a home, we'll make it happen. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, we'll personalize a loan for your situation.


Fixed-Rate Mortgage

These days, it's all about security. Refinance into our most popular loan, the fixed-rate mortgage, and you'll get the peace of mind knowing that your payment and rate can never change. And with rates this low, you'll also know you're not spending too much.


Stated income loans are loans that do not require work history or tax docs verification. It’s a perfect loan for investors and self-employed who wish to purchase or refinance for an investment property. If you are an established business looking for working capital, you may have already realized how difficult it can be to find a small business loan, especially if your credit is not pristine. Even if your business is going strong, and you have more than enough revenue to cover the monthly payment on a new loan, it can be tricky getting approved in today’s economic climate.


FHA Loan

An FHA Loan is an excellent choice for refinance, allowing financing for up to 97.75% of your home's value (85% for cash-out refinances). If you're in an FHA loan now, you could even refinance with no appraisal with our FHA Streamline option. FHA Loan is also popular for first-time home buyers - a down payment of only 3.5% needed!


Refinance Loans

Whatever your reason to refinance, we've got the loan you're looking for. Need cash out? We can do that. Want to lower your rate and payment? No problem.


Did you know that there are currently over 21 million veterans in the United States? America’s Veterans served for our country and we owe it to them to offer this earned VA benefit program. When it comes to benefits, it’s one that’s greatly deserved.



A mortgage broker is an independent real-estate financing professional who specializes in the origination of residential mortgage loans. Mortgage brokers normally pass the actual funding and servicing of loans on to wholesale lending sources. A mortgage broker is also an independent contractor working with (on average) as many as 40 lenders at any one time. Brokers provide consumers with:

  • Choice
  • Convenience
  • Knowledge

One of the broker’s most important functions is escorting your loan application through the entire process, constantly patrolling the component transactions for possible breakdowns. A professional mortgage broker can wade through the mountains of rate data and program options, researching current market conditions to find the most accurate and up-to-date information about cost-effective loan options.

Yes, absolutely. The safety and soundness of the mortgage lending community is directly linked to the success and integrity of its home loan originations. Furthermore, mortgage brokers represent the single largest residential origination source today, emphasizing that they play a significant role in the mortgage loan process. These numbers highlight the fact that consumers who exercise their choice, choose mortgage brokers; most likely because brokers are dedicated to their customers: consumers, wholesale lenders, and ultimately, American taxpayers.

Brokers are regulated by several federal laws and regulations and dozens of state laws and licensing boards. NAMB supports reasonable and fair state and federal regulation of mortgage brokers and lenders. The industry is regulated by 17 federal laws and numerous state and federal regulations.

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